Urban Gardening - The Pothole Gardener

I've been meaning to do a post on this for a while as I just think it's astonishing!
And it makes me very, very happy.
You can't help but have a big smile on your face when you see these.
They are the work of the Pothole Gardener aka Steve Wheen.
If you've ever driven over one of those blasted potholes and cursed, then this will make you see them in a whole different way. 

Check out the video below to see how he works and creates these stunning little works of art in the middle of the city. 

ps I've decided to do a semi-regular series about Urban Gardening. It's a passion of mine, and I feel that it's absolutely vital to help wildlife and pollinators as much as we can. So I'll be featuring some of my favourite plants and gardens and hopefully it will inspire us all to do a little more in our own gardens. x

(pictures are from pinterest)