Weekending (via Instagram)

How the heck are you all?
My family and I want to thank everyone who has commented and emailed with all their good wishes for the things that have been happening recently. We have been very touched by such kindness.

So how was your weekend? Busy or chilled out? I'm now working every Saturday as we have so much to do at this time of year. The Market Garden was busy with customers but there was also time to sow some sweetcorn and pot on our courgette plants. They are looking pretty good already. I can't wait to start cooking and eating some Spring and Summer vegetables. The asparagus season is nearly upon us, although it is late this year with the never ending cold weather that we've had. I long to eat some!

So we really only get Sundays together as a family and I think it's important that we make good use of this time. Today we made a little trip down to Kirkstall Abbey for the craft/food market. We meandered through the woodland path enjoying the first few wild flowers (and weeds). But it was bloomin' chilly! We sat amongst the ruins and enjoyed our salted caramel brownies - they were absolutely amazing. And we also bought some locally made cider.

The husband has been very busy cooking all weekend too. He got the Two Greedy Italians book from the library, so we've been eating the most amazing dishes. Tonight it's Aubergine Dumplings.

Jen x