Loving These

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So many thanks for all your kind comments yesterday.
You have all been so very supportive.
Today there has been no change in our situation and we are just trying to take each day as it comes.

Thankfully the nice weather has finally landed on our shores, and the Boy is out playing with his friends in the street. So I've been getting on with a bit of painting in the house and in between coats of the white stuff trying to catch up with blogs, pins, emails etc. I haven't done a 'Loving These' post for a while, so I thought I'd show you a few of my current favourites over at Pinterest. However, I can't seem to embed any of the Pins back to the blog, so I've had to download the images this time. Anyone else having a problem with this or is it just me?

1 // This beautiful kitchen combination. How gorgeous are these colours all together? Those sweet little espresso cups on top of the coffee maker are perfect.

2 // A great dining table made from trestle legs (I'm pretty sure they are from Ikea). The whole space is simple and bright. Such a beautiful room.

3 // And one for the Yorkshire folk me thinks! I love this illustration from Amy Walters and it's available as a postcard and a print. I think this has to go on my kitchen wall.

4 // Finally, I adore a colourful trench coat. I've had many over the years, yellow, green and bright blue. But I've never had red. I like this one teamed with that fabulous tote. This is from a Japanese online store that is chock full of stunning clothes. If only there was somewhere like this in the UK. Although tt's probably just as well there isn't for my bank account!

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