Rebekka Karijord

REBEKKA KARIJORD - USE MY BODY WHILE IT´S STILL YOUNG (official HD) from Control Freak Kitten Records on Vimeo.

Happy Friday everyone.
I've written about the wonderful Rebekka Karijord before (but I can't find the post I did on her, maybe some of you may remember it!).
Anyhoo, she is a wonderful Norwegian songwriter, currently based in Stockholm and her songs have a gorgeous folky vibe.
Rebekka's music is passionate, moving and evocative.
'Use My Body While It's Still Young' is dramatic with soaring vocals and glorious drumming.
It'll make you dance around the kitchen.
This track is from her second album, We Become Ourselves, which was named as one of Mojo magazines top ten albums of 2012.

Her previous album 'The Noble Art of Letting Go' is truly wonderful and the song 'Wear it like a crown' is probably one of my favourite songs of all time. (The video for this is below).
Go check it out.

Love this lady.
Find out more at Rebekka Karijord. x