Lovely Find - Peagreen

Hello! Happy Friday.
I'm having an unexpected day off work today.
As everything is frozen solid outside, well there's only so much Market Gardening you can do!
So I'm indulging in some DVD watching, hot chocolate drinking and keeping toasty under a fleece blanket.

I've been meaning to mention the wonderful Peagreen studio for a long time now on the blog.
I've been a  big fan of their work for many years, it's so bright and fun and they have several different designers working for them, so they always have a fresh and unique range of prints.
These are just a few of my favourites.
But please go check out their site as there are so many other wonderful designs to marvel at.
You can see more from their shop here.

Keep warm folks! x

PS Don't forget to enter the birthday giveaway - only 7 days to go!
You can enter here.