Cos for Boys

My son is going to be 10 soon, and I find it difficult to find nice clothes for him.
Everything is so 'in your face' with slogans and graphics.
And a lot of  the other kids at school are wearing designer brand jackets and bags (which I think is totally stupid but obviously the parents are trying to make some kind of statement).

So when I was perusing the latest womenswear collection over at Cos,  I thought I'd have a look at the Boys section.
And I was delighted - so many great basics with simple designs.
I loved  the jackets, the t-shirts, the tops.
Perfect I thought, I'll be making some purchases.
Exactly the kind of clothing I want for my Boy.
The catch?
Yip, they only go up to age 8.
Boo to that.
C'mon Cos make some bigger sizes - please! x

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