Little Birdie - My Year in Pictures (Part Three)

Part Three today.
The final part of the year, my favourite time, whilst it's still warm enough to be outside and enjoying woodland walks and play. Embracing the beautiful golden colours of Autumn. And then starting to cozy up indoors as we head towards the Winter.

September - my Birthday month, so always good. I was 39 this year, so the big one is hurtling towards me in 2013 - I'm a bit nervous about that!
We spent time playing outdoors with friends, with visits to the parks in Leeds and exploring ruins.

October - the colours in the trees changed and the light was beautiful in the woods. We spent the dry, warmish days wrapped up and enjoying some soup from thermos flasks.

November - Bonfire night was fantastic with a gathering at the Market Garden, everyone brought a dish and wine and it was a lovely dry night with good friends and conversation. Days at home were spent making comfort food and relaxing on the sofa. Many board games were played.

December - a busy time with lots of extra hours at the Market Garden. The Boy was poorly and completely lost his voice. Thankfully it returned in time for his school Christmas performance! A lot of crafting and decorating was done. Presents were unwrapped and I'm very pleased with my bright yellow watch and Breton top.

And that's it - another year gone and enjoyed. I hope you've had a great year too. x
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