Project Wild Thing

Hello, Happy Monday all.

I've written about project wild thing before but I wanted to highlight it again as it's such a fantastic idea. Set up by David Bond, the idea is to encourage kids to explore, create and play in the great outdoors. So many children are deprived of this, and spend their time indoors or in their gardens. In a report produced by the National Trust, fewer than 10 per cent of kids play in wild places. Parental anxieties, traffic and the lure of tablets, video games and television conspire to keep children indoors.

I think this is such a sad thing, and I know that days I've spent with my Boy (and friends) in the woods or at the nature reserve have been some of our best and most fun days out. I've shown in the pictures above just a few of the activities we've done this summer and autumn. But I don't know anyone else who takes their kids into the woods. The children in our street all stay in their back gardens, playing with the neighbourhood kids and never heading anywhere other than a soft play centre, cinema or to the shopping mall. They are all taken by car, door to door. There is a wood at the bottom of the hill, less than 5 minutes walk away, yet none of them have been there. For me, that is the biggest and best playground there is. So many things to see, to splash in the stream, to fish for minnows, picnic and discover the wonders of wild flowers, birds and insects. It's beautiful. But I wonder why the parents don't take them. Are they scared of accidents? More than likely. But did you know that 3 times as many children are taken to hospital for falling out of bed than falling out of a tree? And that trampoline in the back garden that so many families seem to have? Well a good friend of mine is a paramedic. She is routinely called to trampolining accidents, broken limbs, falls and worst of all, two heads coming together leading to terrible head injuries. That back garden toy doesn't seem so safe now does it? So maybe it's time to go back to nature. Breathe in the smells and learn about the world around you. Build dens, climb trees and play on rope swings. Research shows that kids who play in nature are happier, healthier and less likely to suffer from anxiety, depression or obesity.

David Bond is currently making a documentary about Project Wild Thing. This is half way through being completed but he needs to raise more money to finish it off. He is asking for donations of as little as £1 through the Kickstarter website. You can link to it here. I for one am contributing what I can! If you want to see a little bit more then check out the trailer above. It looks fantastic.