About Me.

I thought I'd tell you something important about me. Something I don't think I've shared on here before - I'm vegetarian. And I've been vegetarian for 25 years. I don't really talk about this with people, although obviously my family and friends all know. It's just that I find when I do talk about it that I'm constantly grilled about why I am vegetarian and my reasons for choosing that way of eating. I'm not going to tell you why I chose to be veggie, as I don't think it's relevant. I believe that we should respect other peoples choices - eat meat, don't eat meat. It's up to you. I'm never going to preach my way of life on to anyone, it's not my business.

My husband is also vegetarian but wasn't when I met him. I did not change him or persuade him to 'join the cult' as some like to think! He didn't really eat a lot of meat anyway and as we started seeing each other (long distance, Glasgow/Leeds, only physically seeing each other for weekends every three weeks or so), he liked to spend our time apart thinking up recipes to cook for me. He really won me over with his meals, as he's a great cook. He then chose to give up meat as he realized just how much he didn't miss it and also how much he loved cooking vegetarian dishes. We're also raising our son vegetarian, which is slightly harder as he's a bit picky. But he's getting better all the time.

I'm not writing this post to try and convince anyone to turn vegetarian but it is a big part of my family life, and really that's what Little Birdie is about. I am lucky to work a couple of days a week in a market garden, so I have access to some of the best, fresh and seasonal produce.  So I decided that I'd share a regular recipe on here that we've made and loved. It'll be something that I've grown at the garden and will reflect the time of year. Hopefully, one or two of you might like to try them. Just because they are simply lovely, tasty dishes. Oh and family friendly and fuss free, as that's so important to me.  I'm going to show my first recipe tomorrow. Until then, have a great Saturday. x