How are you all today?

We're having a lazy day. It's been a busy, busy week.

Thanks for all your kind and supportive comments on my little piece of design work. I was really nervous and shaking all over when I pressed publish! It was good fun working on it, but it was hard work dragging myself round Leeds last Monday and Tuesday in the stormy weather trying to decide what to buy. I also found Leeds lacking in interiors shops, especially now that we have lost Habitat and Muji. Although, Argos does now have a selection of Habitat products, there weren't any of the items I really liked available there. And Leeds is going through a big re-development phase so a lot of the shops are not looking great or have limited stock. Still, once it is all finished we are going to have some amazing new stores and buildings and Leeds will once more be a destination city for shopping. Oh and to answer your question - yes I do get to keep the items!

Yesterday we went to the Kirkstall Deli Market. It's held once a month in the Kirkstall Abbey cloisters. It was quite a nice day, sunny and warm for some of the time but then positively chilly when the wind blew. And although the leaves on the trees were still green, it did feel more Autumnal. We bought some peanut butter brownies, rhubarb fudge and tortilla and sat in the sunshine to enjoy lunch. Then the kids played at wizards and princesses. As usual The Boy managed to find a giant stick - in this case I think it's a fence post! Is this a boy thing? Everywhere we go he finds logs and wants to take them home. He'd probably try and take home an entire tree if he could!

Oh and I have started taking Manuka honey to try and boost my immune system as I've heard it has amazing healing powers - anyone else eat this? I'm not a huge honey fan, but I like this one as it has lemon added and tastes delicious. So two spoonfuls a day and maybe I'll be super fit and healthy again. But it's bloomin' expensive!

Hope you are all having lovely weekends. x
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