Hey there

Hello Tuesday!
Hope you are all well.
Many thanks for all your birthday wishes and get well soons.
And a big hey there to new followers of Little Birdie - it's very lovely to meet you!

I thought I'd just mention my health problems a little, as I know that some of you commented on me having a bit of a run of illness. I suffered with glandular fever when I was a teenager and a young adult. I had several bouts of it which left me exhausted and with a weakened immune system. So even now, if I get any kind of a virus, that's it, I struggle to get over it. And it always, always attacks my throat. It's a bit of a nightmare. But I am starting to pick up a bit and hopefully I'm on route to recovery!

Anyhoo, as it was my birthday and I had a little bit of cash to splash, I bought a couple of goodies. You all know by now my love affair of Orla Kiely and Uniqlo, well the shirts went on sale a few days ago and I just had to have them! I know a few of you had sizing issues when you bought the dresses, but I found mine a really good fit. From my own experience I suggest buying a smaller size than you normally would. I used to always buy a medium from them, but have since found the cut way too big. So now I always buy a small, and it's a much better fit for me. You can check the shirts out here, but be quick as they seem to be going super fast.

And the other lovely thing I purchased was a print by the very talented Anna at Goldlion diaries. Anna had shown her print on Instagram and I fell in love with it straight away. So as soon as it went on her shop I had to make it my first birthday purchase. Anna's blog is one of my personal favourites, she makes me laugh every time with her posts but also writes so beautifully about her daughter and family life. She's also a cool illustrator (is there no end to her talents!). Please do go visit, you won't be disappointed. And thanks Anna for the print and the goodies alongside it, I'm one happy lady.

I've bought a couple of other pieces too, but I'll show them another time. At least all these nice things are cheering me up in between coughing fits!

Have great days everyone. x
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