The true side of the Summer Holidays

Summer holidays.
A lie in every morning.
Reading magazines and listening to 8 tracks.
Lazy breakfasts.
Lunch in the garden.
All the great things about taking it easy.

Then there is this.
Playing with friends in the street.
The inevitable arguments and stropping.
Time to throw youself down on the sofa and shout at Mum.
Every day it's something.
'So and so won't play my game'
'So and so threw the ball into another garden'
'So and so broke my toy'
'So and so has fallen out with so and so.'
'So and so called so and so an idiot.'
'So and so pushed so and so over.'
'So and so is being bossy AGAIN.'
'I'm never playing with so and so again', which next day leads to
'Can I play with so and so today?'

Ahhh the summer holidays eh? x