Summer Holiday Plans

Hugely inspired by the very lovely Lou's summer plans list, I decided to draw up one of my own!

 1  Go on a bug hunt
 2  Build a pinhole camera and have a photography day
 3  Go pond dipping
 4  Visit the National Media Museum
 5  Go see the new Ice Age movie
 6  Swimming
 7  Join the summer reading scheme at the Library
 8  Go to the Green Man Festival
 9  Bake lots of cakes
10 Learn about animation
11 Make a nature mobile
12 Play football
13 Watch Studio Ghibli movies
14 Have a picnic
15 Lego, Lego, Lego
16 Play with friends in the garden
17 Make willow sculptures
18 Make pancakes
19 Draw pictures
20 Go for a walk in the woods

Woah! That seems like quite a lot of fun (or tantrums) to be had! Anyway I'm looking forward to it all and I'm off work for the whole six weeks so that's pretty good too.

Like the pictures? That's the Boy's creation for his school project. He wanted to make his own movie storyboard. So he drew all the backgrounds, created characters and the plot and then we photographed the results! He got a big WOW! on his work and he was pretty thrilled with that. One very proud Mum.

Enjoy your weekends and here's to a brilliant Summer Holiday (if you are in the UK). x!

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