Last week on Instagram

Happy Monday.
Hope you all had wonderful and fantastic weekends.
Saturday was a day of present shopping and a bowling birthday party for the Boy.
I provided the taxi service.
Then on Sunday I woke up with a horrendous cold - how the heck did that happen on the second day of school holidays?
We were supposed to be meeting friends at the park for a picnic.
So I was very grumpy.
I demanded soup. Coffee. Pancakes. Cake.
I lay on the sofa in a mood most of the day.
I'd quite like one of those chaise longues so I could recline and have someone feed me grapes.
I'm a very needy and bad patient!

Anyway, I thought I'd show you a few of my week on Instagram snaps.
I'm really loving it.
It's another fantastic source of inspiration.
And can cheer you up in an instant.
If you are not on there, get to it.
Seriously you are really missing out. 


Cake is Almond and Elderflower. Muffin is Raspberry and White Chocolate. (all made by me).
Curry is Cauliflower and Potato (from Nigel Slater's Tender book - made by Husband).
Interior shots are taken in my bedroom.
Necklace is my favourite from Frau Sieben - Etsy store here.
My top is from Uniqlo. Hair needs cutting! Was playing around with black and white effects.
Dog is not mine (but wish she was). She's a working Springer at the Market Garden. This shot was of her terrified of a nettle outside the polytunnel!