Loving Yorkshire - The Hepworth, Wakefield

Hello Hello.
Happy Tuesday everyone.
Thanks for all your wonderful comments as always especially in response to my last post. It's good to know you are all so wonderfully supportive. And it was so nice to hear that you like my more personal posts about our family adventures best of all. So in keeping with this, here is a new post all about what we've been up to!

One of my good friends came to stay with us at the weekend and we decided to pay a visit to The Hepworth, Wakefield.

I've been meaning to visit here since it opened last year.
I'm a huge fan of Barbara Hepworth, I find her sculpture so beautiful.

We quite often visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where they have several pieces of her work, but this gallery is devoted to her life and also the work of her contemporaries.Hepworth was born in Wakefield in 1903. She grew up in Yorkshire and studied at Leeds College of Art.
So it's only fitting that West Yorkshire should have it's own gallery dedicated to her work.

The gallery was designed by architect David Chipperfield and it's won several design awards. It's simply breathtaking. It's situated right on the waterfront and is a bit of an urban oasis.

The Boy loved the gallery and it's perfect for families. We spent virtually all day there. There are loads of art activities, each geared around an exhibition or piece of work. We built a metal creature, the  Boy has called it 'Dino Bird'!, played pick a stick (based around the work of Richard Long) and had a gorgeous lunch outside on the terrace. The staff were all fantastic, full of enthusiasm and encouragement with all the kids visiting and creating their works of art. The Boy rounded off the day with a trip to their play area. It was a pretty perfect day out.

This summer they have a whole selection of free kids activities to go to. We're hopefully going to head back to do a few of them. I'm liking the sound of Felt Making, Print Making and Willow Sculptures. Choices, choices.....x

Small pictures are from my Instagram feed.
Large pictures taken by me on my Nikon DSLR.