Monday morning blues

I have to admit to being a bit down.
It's not one particular thing but lots of little things that just keep bothering me, making my mind spin with all the thoughts in my head.

Yes, it's the weather. I'm sick of cloudy skies, rain, cold and damp.
I long for sunshine.

Yes, it's the fact that we're back on the school run after a week off.
I need another week off to recover.

Yes, it's the fact that money is tight and I just can't afford to do all the things I'd like.
But then that's the same for most of us right now

Yes, my friend is going through a really bad relationship break-up and is struggling to cope.

Yes I quite often feel like this after I've been home to Scotland.
As I realise I miss my family more than I care to admit.

Yes, I have a big giant zit on my chin that's really sore and unattractive!

So how do I lift the old spirits?
How do I pick up my mood and get a smile back on my face?
Any ideas peeps? x

(One little ray of sunshine is my new vintage dress I bought in Glasgow.And it was a bargain at £10. Picture above.)