The Homeland

Hello. Hope you are all well.
We've returned from Scotland. It was sunny and a bit windy, but hey better than back in Yorkshire where it's been a bit rainy (and now it's pouring). We had a brilliant time.

Our journey started on the Leeds - Settle - Carlisle line. It's one of the great railway journeys of the world. All the little Dales stations were decorated with bunting for the Jubilee and steam trains were going up and down the line with people dressed up for the occasion. It was so beautiful.

On Sunday we went into Glasgow. We started off by taking the little ferry across the Clyde to the Riverside Museum. It's the most stunning building, designed by award winning Architect Zaha Hadid. It's glass fronted windows glinted in the sunshine and it's roof reminded me of the waves from the river. Inside it's so much fun. Lots of trams, trains and cars to play inside and be reminded of their history. Many of the cars were fixed on platforms up the wall and it's a pretty impressive display. Then we went on the Clockwork Orange (that's the affectionate name for Glasgow's Underground as it's bright orange and only goes around in a circle) up to Hillhead to enjoy some of the West End Festival. We wandered around some vintage and craft fairs and then headed over to the Botanic Gardens. The sun shone, ice cream was had and we enjoyed some of the eccentricity of the Festival.

On Monday we went to the beach in Ayrshire near where I grew up. The sea was a beautiful bluey green and the sun was strong although a bit breezy. The boy ran in the water all the way up the beach for about 2 miles, with me behind him desperately trying to catch up!

And the rest of the time was catching up with family and friends. We've had a great time, so much so that the boy wants to head back very soon.

But it's nice to be back at home too. x