Little bits from my week

Hello. How has your week been?

Mine hasn't been so great to be honest. I felt so crappy on Monday that I more or less stayed in bed all day. I've just felt shattered and generally run down and this sore throat just keeps coming back. So finally on Wednesday I went to the Doctor. He doesn't know what's wrong with me, but we suspect it might be glandular fever. I've suffered with this several times, but I haven't had it for 16 years, so if it's back I'm not happy. Anyhoo, today I had blood tests and I'll get the results next week.

I've snapped a few pics from my week.It's nice to see things growing and flowering. Doesn't that asparagus look good? It's just starting to make an appearance, it's late this year with all the changing weather conditions. Oh and I didn't realise my Converse were as grubby until I photographed them in amongst the falling cherry blossom. Must get them cleaned this weekend! Actually might make the other half do it - I need to lie down on the sofa and make demands for cups of tea and biscuits - hey it's the only way to get better, right?

Hope you all have nice weekends. x