Hello and Goodbye.

Wow, finally finished the photo challenge.
And I only missed one picture - so not bad I think.
I did enjoy it, but it was sometimes challenging and occasionally I wasn't motivated by the topic.
Anyway, all these above are a few of my favourites from the month. If you want to join June's photo challenge, then go play over at fat mum slim.

In other news, I'm off to Scotland Saturday morning.
Returning to the Homeland for a visit to see the folks and friends.
I'm taking the train for the first time in years.
My parents live in a village about 10 miles south of Glasgow near the seaside, so I'm hoping to get in a trip or two to the beach.
(This is the worst thing about Leeds, it takes hours to get to the seaside! But Yorkshire does have some of the nicest seaside towns I've ever been to).
I'm also desperate to see a few new things that have appeared in Glasgow - hopefully I'll have some pictures to show you when I return.
And now that the rain has returned, I've put on my new yellow trench coat - pretty bright and cheerful right?

So for now, have wonderful weekends. Enjoy the double bank holiday (if you are in the UK).
I'll see you all in a week's time. x

(Oh and do pop over and check out some of these lovely blogs on my June links.)