Happy Friday

Yes! It's Friday.
At last the weekend is nearly upon us.
We are celebrating a birthday in the Birdie household.
The boy is turning 9!
He didn't want a party this year, so we are going out for pizza from his favourite restaurant.
He's now also at that age when technology interests him more than anything else, so he is getting an X-box.

As part of the celebrations, I bought some vintage bunting (it's really just for me!). Isn't it lovely? It's  handmade from vintage sheets. It came beautifully wrapped too. I got it at littleteawagon after seeing some other gorgeous pieces on Caroline's blog scraps of us. Please go visit Jane's shop on Etsy and her fantastic blog teawagontales. You will be drooling!

In other news, I got my blood tests back and they were all fine. I've now been referred to the Ear, Nose and Throat Department to investigate my continuing throat problems. But for now I am feeling much brighter.

Thanks for all your amazing comments recently. And I hope you have a fantastic weekend whatever you are up to!

See you next week. x