Bank Holiday Weekending

This weekend was so good.
We walked in amongst the bluebells. Although they had all been flattened by the heavy rain.
The boy and the other half climbed trees in the woods.
We ate curry, bangers and mash and fresh asparagus dipped into soft boiled eggs.
We watched Midnight in Paris.
We drank red wine and laughed with each other.
We ordered the boy's birthday present (he's 9 next weekend).
I read the most fantastic book - The Weird Sisters. It's a bit like The Virgin Suicides.
I painted a chair yellow.
We went swimming.
I took lots of photographs.
We went to the park with friends.
We bought the boy new shoes - he's a size 3! I'm a 5!
How was your weekend?

Thanks for all your very kind comments about my health. I'm feeling a bit brighter and have managed to get out and about (as you can probably tell from my above!).