Hello Friday!


Hope you are all well. I'm just popping in for a quick post to wish you all a very happy weekend. I am working tomorrow, it's all go in a Market Garden in Springtime, and then on Sunday we are off on a dragon hunt (if the weather is okay!).

Anyhoo, I wanted to thank you all for the amazing response I've had for the Inspiration post I did earlier in the week. I've been quite overwhelmed and moved by the comments and emails I've received this week due to that post. It's great to know that a lot of you feel exactly the same way or others have been motivated to start writing their own blogs. I wish you well!

Do you like the new print above? I'd seen it on a lot of other blogs and kind of fell in love with it. So after I had sold a lot (and I mean a lot) of stuff on Ebay I decided to treat the boy's room to it. He loves it too. I'm trying to educate him in Design! I bought it from here, it's a gorgeous online shop with some lovely finds.

And a quick reminder that Little Birdie is now on Facebook. I'm still trying to get the hang of it, so bear with me! But I have been posting some nice external links to other blogs on there and also some nice finds when I come across them. Do please check it out.

Happy Friday. x