Spring Style

Now that the sun has come out to play I've realised that I don't like any of my clothes! I think I've reached that age where I don't like myself in t-shirts or vest tops (my arms are too chunky at the top) and I never, ever show my legs. They are too white (being Scottish I'm paler than a ghost!), so I'm going to stick to my jeans and black linen trousers. But tops? I'm struggling. Every shop I go into, everything is cut too short (hey I had a baby by caesarian section and that flat tummy isn't coming back)or is overly embellished. I just want something simple that I can dress up with a few nice accessories. Finally after much searching I found these and I really like them. But yet again they are all mail order. Nice and simple and clean cut. Is it too much to ask for to find these kind of clothes on the High Street? And I'm just loving these sunny yellow espadrilles from Toast.

Anyone else finding this a problem? x