Hi! Hope you have all had a nice week. Our half-term didn't go exactly as planned - but hey do they ever?! Everywhere we went to was packed - i suppose due to the weather, but still, i've never seen anything like it before. The Leeds City Museum is holding an Egyptian Pharoah special exhibit, but we couldn't get anywhere near it and National Media Museum in Bradford had queues around the block! So in the end we just gave up and headed off home to play with friends.

So this week i did quite a lot of baking - Rhubard Tart (including a pastry lattice top, which went a bit wonky) and Orange Blossom and Yoghurt Cake. Both very, very yummy.

I bought tulips which makes me feel Spring is in the air and also paid a little visit to Ikea for a roller blind for the boy's bedroom. Oh and i treated myself to the little cups above - aren't they cute? I got new camera badges from the very lovely Mrs Eliot Books and bought the yellow CND one from the Peace Cafe in Bradford.

This weekend is all about cleaning up the mess made from the week at home! Hope you are all doing something slightly more interesting. Happy Weekending.