Time for a rant (i apologise in advance!)

What the heck was anyone thinking casting this woman in the part of Stephanie Plum? Oh wait, she's the Producer, so she cast herself. He is not Morelli (he doesn't even look Italian!). The only cast members I'm happy about are Daniel Sunjata as Ranger (loved him in Rescue Me) and Sherry Shepherd as Lula (30 Rock). These are my favourite books of all time, so yes i have the characters pictured in my head and that's always going to be hard to live up to. And i'll admit that it is difficult to think of the right actors to play the parts.

If you haven't read the books you won't be able to put them down and they are spit your food out funny. So for this movie to be made with these two principal cast members - i'm gutted. And this was my opinion last year when i heard the movie was being made with these actors. Now i've seen the trailer and i feel even worse!

Sorry for the rant, but sometimes you've just got to get things out of your system! I will not be watching this movie. ARRRGGGGGHHHHH! Again, i apologise.

Watch the trailer above if you can bear it.