Thank Goodness it's Friday!

Oh, i'm so glad it's the end of the week and it's half-term. No more getting up and rushing around trying to get out the door to get the boy to school. We can have a bit of a lie in, not have to scrape the ice off the car and no packed lunch making for a week. Hurrah!

Instead, this week we're going to do this:

* Visit our local museum for a special Egyptian exhibit
* Celebrate the OH's Birthday
* Bake a Birthday Cake
* Go sledging (on artificial snow - ironic i know!)
* Go to the National Media Museum
* See friends
* Make lots of soup
* Watch Spirited Away on DVD, the boy loves Japanese Anime movies

Hope you all have lovely weekends and see you next week!

(The top photograph is of the boy's pencil pot - i loved the brightness of the colours especially on this dull day! And the bottom one is of ice drops on a wire at the Farm - it was so, so cold today!)