Wishlist - Eames Hang-it-All

Oh Eames Hang-It-All, how i love thee! You look beautiful on a white wall, you look beautiful on a dark grey wall. Would you look beautiful on my wall piled up with coats? Seriously, doesn't anyone possess any more coats/bags than this? On all of these pictures there are only about 4 things on the hangers - do you just buy one to look at? I know i could stare at it for a while, but really isn't it meant to be a practial design? There are 14 pegs on it for petes sake! That's quite a lot of coats. And i don't know about you, but we probably have that amount of coats and jackets for all the changeable British weather. So it is practical, but how depressing would it be to not see the colours and design shine out? I think it's too pretty to hide.

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