Hi! Sorry i've been away for a while. I've still got this rotten virus and have been working lots on the farm this week. So i've had no real time for blogging or doing anything of any interest! But the one thing that i promised myself i'd do this week is attempt my first self portrait. I've joined a really lovely and welcoming photo project called <in the picture>. The idea is to do as many self portraits of yourself throughout the year. I'm just aiming to do one a month. Anyway, this is my first attempt but i'm quite happy with the result. I have bought a tripod, but it's not arrived yet, so this was a handheld effort! You can see the other group members efforts here. And if you'd like to join in with the project, please do so. All are welcome. Just click on the button on the right.

I was quite shocked at how sharp my nose is! Ha!Ha! I always thought i didn't have this feature, but i have inherited it from my Mother. The camera never lies eh?