Happy Mondays

Hello and Happy Monday! I've been given a rather lovely blogging award from Elina Dahl. Elina writes a gorgeous blog from Stockholm where she is studying Digital Graphics. She has a lovely home and takes some beautiful photographs, please check out her blog.

Anyhoo, to accept this award, i have to answer the following questions!

1 Favourite song?
  This would have to be Daydream Believer by the Monkees, sing it out 

2 Favourite dish?
  After Saturday, it has to be that potato pizza with red onions and 

3 What makes you irritated?

4 When i'm upset....
  I comfort eat

5 Favourite pet?
  Dog - Beagle or Springer Spaniel

6 Black or white?

7 My greatest fear?
  That something bad happens to my son.

8 My everyday attitude?

9 What is perfection for me?
  My son saying he loves me!

10 My bad habits?
   Skimming parts of books because i want to get to a better bit! / 
   drinking too much coffee/ avoiding exercise.

Then i have to list seven things about me:

* I love driving. There is nothing better to me than going on a long
  trip in the car. I find it clears out my mind.

* I studied drama in my late twenties. I hoped to go to Drama School
  after doing a college course. My son came along to change all that!

* My Dad is an Architect and studied at the Glasgow School of Art in the
  sixties. I learned about design and buildings from him. We had a house
  full of original Conran pieces when i was a child which i used to be
  embarrassed about as our house was different from all my friends! 

* I was born in Glasgow but grew up in a small town near the coast in 
  West Scotland. I couldn't wait to move away. I love the city and
  could never see myself moving to the countryside ever again. I like
  the countryside for a holiday, but i love the hustle and bustle of 
  the city. 
* I used to be quite confident, but over the years have become more

* I had endometriosis and was told i could not have kids. After years of
  being in pain i was determined to fight it and began doing yoga and  
  looking after my nutrition. I argued with all the Consultants who told
  me i would not get better this way, and one year later i was pregnant
  and i've never suffered with it again.

* Whenever i see the sign that says Welcome to Scotland, i cry like
  a baby!

I now have to pass this award on to five other blogs. So in no particular order but i like them all very much:

I hope you enjoy discovering some of these lovely blogs. 
Thanks again Elina, it was a very nice start to my week winning this award. 


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