Forgot to mention..........

I've already posted my resolutions for this year but i did actually forget to name one! This was kind of top of the list, but somehow when i came to type the post i forgot all about it. Please put it down to ongoing rubbish virus. So the one i missed was this - get rid of the cable television and stop watching rubbish. Every evening hubby and i sit, not really chatting about anything other than what happened at work/what's for tea/how was school today? We watch endless reruns and hours of Sky Sports news (not my choice obviously!) And this costs us over £30 a month. That's nearly £400 a year.Imagine all the good things we could do with that money rather than watching another repeat! So we're getting rid and instead we're reading and chatting about the future, thinking about places we want to visit this year and also watching dvds of classic movies and new films we've been wanting to watch for so long.  And it feels so good to be really communicating again!

How are all your resolutions going? Hopefully well. All my others are going ok, but i have still been driving more often than i'd like. However, i do still have a virus and it's rather difficult fighting your way to the shops in all this stormy weather! Roll on spring.

Just to finish off the weekend, here are the two movies i watched this week that i really enjoyed. Check them out if you get the chance.