Ten on Ten - December

The day started off badly. I went out the back door to feed the birds and my feet just went from under me. I fell back down the stairs as i'd slid on some black ice. Thankfully i've just got some bruises and strains but it could have been so much worse!

Recently i've discovered a great photo project through the blog a little bit of sunshine. The idea is to capture ten photos, one for each of ten hours on the tenth of the month. It's called Ten on Ten. I started yesterday, but as i was a bit limited in what i could do due to my fall, my day was pretty simple. But then that's kind of the idea. It's all about finding beauty in the everyday life. Click on the button on the right if you want to play along.

1 Advent calendar opening 2 Biscuit eating 3 Christmas tree roots
4 Our cat wanting in  5  Pearl Barley broth for lunch
6 Glitter reindeer 7  Christmas chocolate eating  8  Decorating the tree  9  Tidying the boy's room  10  The tree in the evening