Three amazing movies.

It's been a very long week. I'm shattered from running the farm and getting up at the crack of dawn! Now the weather is turning colder and i feel it's time to lie on the sofa and watch movies and eat cake. This weekend is going to be a lazy one. We're watching The Chronicles of Narnia series on DVD and eating homemade spicy parsnip soup.

I'm very excited though by these three new films out now or coming soon. Check out the trailers above. 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' stars Tilda Swinton and John C Reilly. I was totally gripped and moved by the book and i hope the film lives up to the novel.

'Melancholia' is the new Lars Von Trier movie starring Kirsten Dunst and is the story of the world coming to an end. Visually stunning and featuring some wonderful actors, this looks pretty spectacular.

And finally, after these two heavyweights, 'Midnight in Paris' is the new Woody Allen movie. Starring Owen Wilson (doing his Woody impression) and Rachel McAdams, this looks fun and enchanting. It also features the magnificent Michael Sheen, who i just adore.

So once i can drag my bottom off the sofa, i think i'll be heading off to the movies. Have you seen any of these movies yet? Let me know if you've enjoyed them. Hope you all have nice weekends.