Happy Monday

I woke up to this amazing skyline this morning. The colours were stunning and i only just got my camera out in time to capture this image. Isn't it beautiful? But of course, red sky in the morning......

We had a nice quiet weekend as the OH was on call for work. Yesterday we had a lovely walk in our local woods and made vegetable soup.I took some pictures and it was so much fun in the Autumn light. The conditions were constantly changing, as one minute we had bright sunshine creating golden colours, the next we were plunged into darkness and it felt quite eerie.

Harry played in the piles of leaves and i tried to capture him throwing them up in the air, but the image is a little blurry still. Not sure what i'm doing wrong with the camera - any suggestions to improve taking moving pictures? I'm still learning my way around this DSLR business!

Hope you all had nice weekends. First day of half-term, so Happy Monday everyone!