upcycled schoolchairs

Quite a while ago i happened upon these gorgeous school style stacking chairs by Very Good and Proper. I absolutely loved them and it took me back 30 years in time as my Grandpa had actually done a version of this for me when i was 8. He took an old schooldesk and stacking chair, sanded them, varnished the wood and painted the metal legs red. How ahead of his time he was! It was one of the best Christmas presents i ever got. I only wish i had kept them for Harry.

Now i see that John Lewis is doing a version of these in their new Retro collection. And i like the styling a lot:

But both of these are adult chairs. And i'd really like to honour my Grandpa and do a kids version. So i was delighted to win six of these vintage stacking school chairs on Ebay:

I'm thinking of painting the legs a sunny yellow or a bright turquoise. Any suggestions for leg colours or should i leave them as they are?