Today we went to one of my favourite weekend spots - the Kirkstall Deli Market, located in the Kirkstall Abbey cloisters. Full of local food goodies, it's always nice to have a wander around, eat cake and drink some of Yorkshire Orchards' Apple and Elderflower juice. Today i bought some gorgeous Chocolate Tiffin, Cox Apples and some Sundried Tomato, Chilli and Marrow Sausages from The Parsnipship. The kids ran around, ate some ice cream and climbed some trees. It was a bit of a gloomy day but we had a good time anyway. Disappointingly the leaves were still mostly green and i was hoping for some Autumnal colour to photograph. Maybe next time.

And now we have returned home and the boy is saying he feels poorly. The new term at school is upon us and all the bugs that go with it! I have a feeling this is going to be a long weekend. Tomorrow i'm going to make Celeriac soup (thanks Lou for the recipe post), watch movies and just chill out. Hope you are all having lovely weekends.