Monday Morning Blues and E-window shopping

Well of course it's the third week of term and the boy is off school with a vomiting bug. I've been up since 3am looking after him, wiping his fevered brow and cleaning up the bedsheets that accidently got blasted by bile. What a perfect start to the week! So i need cheering up. Have you all seen The Poundshop pop-up shop website?

The Poundshop is a platform for designers to sell designer goods under the strict brief that the product is to be sold for £1. An idea first founded by design collective Household and Illustrator Sara Melin, the first pop-up Poundshop arrived in 2010. This year as part of London Design Week, the Pop-up shop arrives on the internet, so that those of us who can't get to the real thing can get a taster of what we are missing. 

They have introduced two new price bands to the original concept, but both at a very reasonable £5 and £10. Here are some of my favourites. Better get in quick though, the shop shuts it's virtual doors in 8 days.

Nadia Taylor Greetings Cards

Alice Bosc mugs

Bam Textile Designs
Dicky Bird Tea Towels

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