My new toy.............

This is my new best friend! After being so impressed with the photography on so many other blogs and also how those photographs become such beautiful memories to treasure i decided to spend a little money on a DSLR. I bought this secondhand on Ebay, a Nikon D70 and i have to say i'm so impressed with the results even with what little skill i have!

I've been suffering from a virus over the last few days so haven't been out and about, so to practice i took a few snaps of flowers in the garden.

Not too shabby i think! But i've sooo much to learn. Any tips would be gratefully received. Oh, and as i bought it secondhand i didn't get a manual, so i'm learning through the power of google!

We're off on a few trips this week so i'm going to take my new friend with me and hopefully have some fun. Have a great day.