Happy Yorkshire Day!

I'm a Glaswegian girl who has lived in Leeds for 16 years, and i love it. I was homesick for a long time after i moved here, but over the last few years i've fallen in love with God's Own County. Yorkshire people are eccentric, grounded, hard working, blunt, wickedly funny and some of the kindest people you'll ever meet. I should know, i married one and now have a Yorkshire born son. I used to come on holiday to the Yorkshire Dales when i was a child, and apparently i told my Granny once when we were visiting that 'i would live here when i was a grown-up'. Funny how some of these childhood dreams come true without really trying.

Yorkshire tourism is on the increase, one of the only places in the UK to actually have a rise in visitors. Numbers here at Easter actually beat Disneyland. The reason i think is simple, it has beautiful countryside, amazing seaside resorts, historical places of interest, cities plentiful with culture, independent shopping and restaurants.

One of the many things that has surprised me living here in Yorkshire, is how varied and rich the cultural side of things is. Small towns and villages that surround the big cities have diverse and inspiring communities. Hebden Bridge has a thriving Arts Festival every year as does Grassington in the Dales. Wakefield now has the stunning Hepworth Gallery  http://www.hepworthwakefield.org/ (which we are visiting later in the week) along with the always amazing Yorkshire Sculpture Park. One of the best days out you can have is in Saltaire, Shipley at http://www.saltsmill.org.uk/ where you can enjoy viewing the David Hockney paintings whilst eating some fantastic food at the Salts Diner. Oh and browsing in the best bookshop in Yorkshire.

As much as i love Scotland, i'm proud to say that i live in Yorkshire and now i can't imagine living anywhere else.

To celebrate Yorkshire Day, we're making use of some of the best produce! Caramellized Red Onion and Traditional Wensleydale Tartlets with homegrown broccoli and potatoes. Followed by homegrown Rhubarb crumble and custard. Oh and all washed down with Yorkshire beer. Life doesn't get any better than that!

Happy Yorkshire Day to all!