half way through the summer holidays

I'm sort of enjoying the school holidays - it's been great spending quality time together, we've been to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, gone pond dipping at the nature reserve, done a murder mystery whodunnit at Temple Newsam (an historic house in Leeds), visited Salts Mill (the David Hockney gallery) and been to the cinema to see Arietty and Harry Potter. Those days have been great. Then come the rainy days or the stay at home days where you feel like you are going quite, quite mad! There has been whining, yelling, constant requests for treats and toys and the neighbours kids running in and out of each others houses like a stampede of wild cattle. I'm exhausted on those days. So i turn to food on those days! It's not good, every summer i must put on about a stone in weight just to get myself through the experience. And now in Leeds, the ultimate gluttony experience, Krispy Kreme doughnuts has opened and i found my car pointing in that direction and it really just drove me there itself. So i indulged and oh my word these are soooo delicious. I've eaten 4 in one go!

Hey, whatever gets me through the next three weeks!

Heading off to Greenman next week, so might have to take some of these babies with me. I think they could be a great campsite breakfast with a mug of coffee. Oh and i bought some of these melamine cups to take camping, aren't they cute? From the wonderful Michelle Mason.

Have a lovely weekend! I'm off to the Farmers Market now to buy cheese. I just can't stop eating.