Tales of the Mabinogian at Greenman

I'm getting soooo excited about going to Greenman next month. Please keep your fingers crossed for sunshine for me and not torrential downpours! From the programme listing, it looks like it'll be difficult to get the kids out of the family area, but hopefully i'll get to see a few of the bands. Now they have added this - the Tales of the Mabinogian  (traditional Welsh folk tales) which is going to form the basis of a massive treasure hunt. Now i'm even more excited - i love a treasure hunt! Watch this little video below to hear the tale:

Tales of the Mabinogion - A Green Man Treasure Hunt from Green Man on Vimeo.

Oh and if anyone has any tips for taking kids to festivals, then i'd love to hear them. We are nubies at this family festival business. I haven't been to one for nearly 20 years!