the joys of public transport and party dress shopping..............

I have to go to a party on Saturday. And i don't really want to go! Ever felt like that? It's for the in-laws wedding anniversary and i don't sadly have anything in common with the OH's family except for the OH and now our boy. So in order to cheer myself up i thought i'd get myself something nice to wear, like a dress. But oh my goodness how difficult a task was this in the end? After waiting 40 minutes for what should have been the time for at least 3 buses, mine turned up. When i got into Leeds i immediately headed to French Connection as i'd seen some really lovely frocks on their website, like this:

This is the Phoenix off the shoulder dress made of silk, and reduced in the sale. Sadly not available in my size in the store, but available on the website.


I also liked this floral dress, again reduced in the sale, but not available in store in my size. However, available on the website.

So that was that, a bit fat zero success story at french connection.

On then to Topshop,  Zara, Jigsaw, Gap, H&M and Oasis. And again, nada. Absolutely nothing i liked and they seem to just be dragging out old crappy stuff to get rid of it in the sales. Tell a lie, i did see a gorgeous dress in Jigsaw, but at a £175 i thought it a bit pricey!

So i journeyed on and eventually ended up in Warehouse where i  finally found something. But not a dress. No i fell in love with a little top printed with birds on it and only £18. So i bought that! But not for the party. I put it straight on when i got home. It's 100% cotton and just perfect in this humidity.

So i was still stuck for getting a party dress. By this point my feet were sore, i was hungry and the heat was oppressive. I headed to the wonderful Pickles and Potter deli for some delicious frittata and a cold drink to take home for my lunch. 
The bus turned up quickly and then i ended up sitting next to a crazy person! Again, why does this always happen to me? I had my book with me and i wanted to read, but no she had to chat and chat and chat! So now i'm home and have been online and ordered a red tea dress from Dorothy Perkins (which seems to have vanished from Leeds city centre). Somehow it's much easier to shop from the comfort of your own home, and that's such a shame for the high street.