Japanese fashion

I've decided to learn how to sew. I'm fed up of never finding any clothes that i really like in the shops. Everything seems too fussy and overdone. Maybe it's the age i'm at?! I love boat neck tops and three quarter length sleeves and clothes that are made of natural fibres. They seem so hard to come across! I love the idea of making my own clothes. Looking at fabrics online and seeing other peoples efforts in blogs has really inspired me to try this. And one of my current favourite blogs is based on Japanese Fashion - so simple, chic and unique.

Japan Couture Addicts is full of beautiful tunics and dresses that i could just wear everyday and feel special in. It's a large blog community that show what they have been making based on Japanese pattern books. There are clothes for kids as well as womenswear. Check out some of these lovely handmade items:

These are all soooo me. I wish i could wear them today. But i can't. So i need to learn to sew!
Check out the blog at

It's so lovely. But it is in French, so make sure you get Google Translator. Unless you are good at French of course!