Harry Potter goes to the National Media Museum

Today we took the train to Bradford and visited the National Media Museum. It's fantastic. There is the IMAX cinema, the Television Experience, Animation Floor and Gaming Station where you can play lots of classic arcade games like Pacman and Space Invaders and use the original home consules like Sega megadrive and Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

This week they are celebrating Harry Potter and there were lots of extra special treats in store for kids. We learned how Chromography works (blue screen technology) so Harry could  become invisible or fly a broomstick. There were storyboarding sessions from the Tales of Beedle the Bart. And on top of all that there was the magic of creating Wingardium Leviosa - making things move by magic! Watch this little film to see the boy in action!

Doing the weather forecasting on the blue screen:

Flying on a hoverboard on the blue screen:

Riding on the broomstick as Harry Potter!

Reading the news by autocue:

Meeting Morph in the Animation Studio:

We also spent some time in the TV Heaven area where you can watch classic episodes of old television shows. I chose Rentaghost as it was my favourite kids programme! I'm not sure Harry was very impressed with it though.

We had a fantastic day and we're going back on Monday to watch the last Harry Potter movie on the IMAX screen. I can't wait!

Happy Weekend everyone.