sunny days in scotland..................

We practised putting the Teepee up in Mum's back garden (in preparation for Green Man). Then we all sat inside it and sunbathed!
On Saturday, we spent the day at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow. I loved these hanging heads - each one had a different expression, but i was particularly impressed with this grumpy chap!
We were at the Art Gallery to see the Envisage fashion show by the final year students of Cardonald College. My cousin Anna designed this breathtaking bridal gown, which has since gone on to be nominated in a Scottish design award. She'll find out Friday if she has won. I'm so proud of her achievements.
The coat on the left of this collage and the dress on the right are both more of Anna's work. The clear dress in the middle was designed by one of the Theatre costume students. It was my favourite piece at the show.

As well as catching up with all the Scottish rellies, we happened to bump into none other than the King himself, Mr Elvis Presley. Who knew he'd been living in Glasgow all these years?

I treated myself to one of these bags from Gillian Kyle. She screenprints tea-towels, bags and t-shirts all with classic Glasgow themes! I have hankered after one of her pieces for a while, and it goes everywhere with me now. It's a little bit of Glasgow for me in Yorkshire!

We  had an amazing stay in Scotland and i noticed my Scottish accent becoming more prominent again! I'll have to tone it down now that i'm home in Yorkshire.