the return of Dexter Morgan.........

Oh, i'm a happy girl, for one of my favourite tv shows is back on, it's Dexter. If you haven't ever watched this, then you really are missing out on something special. Dexter is a serial killer, married with kids. He works in Forensics for the Miami Metro Police Force and only ever kills the bad guys who deserve it. I've read the novels the tv series is based on and i can honestly say that the tv series is far superior to the novels, and it's rare that anyone can say that about a film or tv show. I'm also delighted to see that Julia Stiles is in this season. I've always really admired her as an actress, and i think she'll bring a really interesting dynamic to the show.

While googling Dexter, i discovered the most amazing limited edition screenprints designed by award winning graphic designer Ty Mattson. He's a big fan of the show and if you have seen the previous seasons, you'll get the references.

The screenprints are all limited editions and available to buy from Showtimes website.

Be warned though if you are sqeamish, Dexter can be a bit on the gory side!