What a week(s!)

Well it's been a while since i posted anything! I've had a crappy few weeks if i'm honest. I had to have a tooth extraction, which led to a dry socket infection. Then i damaged my neck and shoulder and wasn't able to move properly for two weeks. And now to top it off i've got the new next door neighbours from hell. If only i could afford to move (or maybe win Euromillions).

But looking on the bright side of things, the sun is shining,so i can sit in my deckchair in the garden and read books and  it's Easter so vast quantities of chocolate can be consumed more or less guilt free!

I wanted to share this gorgeous song that i discovered recently. It's just stunning and makes me feel lifted everytime i hear it. I had to send for the cd straight away (i don't really like buying albums on i-tunes, i love reading the inside notes and lyrics). The album is called the Noble Art of Letting Go and the artist is from Sweden. Her name is Rebbeka Karijord. This song is track one on the album, 'Wear it like a crown'. Just exquisite. Enjoy.