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Basic Photography Workshop - Saturday 12 May 2018



I'm delighted to announce that I'm teaching a Spring photography workshop at the beautiful lifestyle store Chirpy here in Leeds. Last year I taught two workshops at the same venue  and I'm so excited to be running more. These workshops are for beginners who want to learn how to get the most out of their camera or even for those who have dabbled a little in manual photography but still find they can't get the results they are after. I don't believe you have to spend a fortune on equipment instead learn to appreciate the camera you already own. The details for the workshop are below for anyone interested and I can promise no jargon as well as plentiful tea and cake! 


I had just started using a manual function camera and really needed some guidance on how to use it properly and get out of “auto”. Jen’s workshop had a great balance of information, demonstrations and time for practice and discussion. Jen was really knowledgeable, her passion for photography was so evident – I left feeling enthused and a lot more confident about how to get the best from my camera. The handouts were really useful (and still a good reference when I need a reminder!)
— Claire - Student (September 2017)

Who is this workshop for? - Well, anyone who wants to understand how their camera works and take their photography to the next level. But essentially it is a course for people who are afraid to take their camera out of auto! Maybe you want to take better pictures of your kids because they always turn out blurry or you'd like to capture those treasured memories of a family holiday. Perhaps you want to take more photographs of nature or of landscapes. It's also for those who have dabbled a little in manual mode but are struggling to get the results they are striving for. This workshop is particularly useful for lifestyle, food, parenting and fashion bloggers or small businesses/makers wanting to improve their product photography.

What will you learn? -  The workshop will be divided into two sessions. The first will be a breakdown of how your camera works and learning what each of those scary things really mean (aperture/ISO/shutter speed). We will also look at how to frame your subject better, focus mode, exposure and how to use natural light to your advantage. I'll take you from shooting in auto mode to being able to shoot with your own camera in manual mode. The second session will be putting your new knowledge to the test using your own camera and there will be opportunities to take some practice shots trying out prop styling and visual storytelling techniques. 

What do I need to bring? - You, your camera - a DSLR or mirrorless camera and the kit lens or the lens you use most often.  If you have your camera manual then that is useful to bring along too. A fully charged battery and a blank SD memory card.  A notebook and pen are also a good idea. 

After the workshop - You'll be given a handout reminding you of what we've covered during the workshop and you will be able to join a private Facebook group with the other attendees for further support and inspiration. 

Tickets are available from Chirpy or through the Eventbrite website here

Note: All of my images are taken on an entry level DSLR, the Nikon D3200 and a 35mm prime lens.  If you want to see more of my images check out my lifestyle photography page here or if you want some more information on the workshop, please send me a quick email to

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