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Manor Garden Flowers

On the whole I like city living. I love the easy access to shops, cafes and entertainment. I even like the hustle and bustle, although when I say like, perhaps tolerate is a better discription. I've never really had pangs for countryside living, although after the day I've had, I'm seriously beginning to change my opinion.

This morning I took a bit of a roadtrip up the A1 to Manor Garden Flowers, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, heading towards Darlington. Surrounded by fields awash with the sunshine yellows of the rapeseed flower and the first stirrings of wildflowers, I went to meet Barney and Clarey who own and run Manor Garden. Together we are working on a gorgeous event (details coming soon) alongside my lovely blogging and stylist chum Jane of Tea with Ruby. And whilst I was there I had to get my camera out and snap some of their amazing home and flower garden. Not only is their house utterly gorgeous (think rustic, eclectic, vintage charm a plenty), but their garden is full of quirky outhouses, potting sheds, willow dens for the children and a couple of chickens doing their best to sneak into the house when nobody is looking. 

After a chat and planning session around the kitchen table, we took a little drive down the road which takes you to the walled garden where they grow row upon row of flowers and foliage. Barney does the growing, Clarey does the floristry and together they produce stunning bouquets and displays for weddings. They grow by organic methods, so there are weeds (which is a great sign that things are being grown without pesticides), climbers growing up the enormous brick walls, perennials offering beautiful colour as well as a happy environment for pollinators and in the bottom corner, a vintage caravan, where together with the kids, they can take shelter from the rain or enjoy a well earned cuppa. 

May is the time of year in the garden that sees the Spring flowers start to die off whilst we await the arrival of summer perennials and annuals. Most of the garden is planted up and in the next few weeks there will be an abundance of colours and scents. I can't wait to go back and see the changes as we move into the summer season. x