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The Wonder Emporio, Scarborough

Hello there. I hope life is treating you well. October has started off with some gorgeous sunny days here in Yorkshire. I've spent the past few days tidying up the garden for Autumn and repainting my front door. It's gone from a flat eggshell coat of dark grey to a fabulous glossy blue-black. I love it and I can't wait to adorn it with some winter colour a bit later on. 

I've also spent a little time re-organising this blog. You may have noticed that it's now broken down into areas of independent shopping, simple living (home/recipes), travel, vintage and Yorkshire. So hopefully it's a little clearer what the blog is about and where you can find things! 

The Yorkshire posts should be filling up in the next few weeks as I have a few lovely places to share with you. This is the first of these, a gem of a vintage and interiors store located in Scarborough. A store that is bursting with charm, eccentricity and some stunning visual treats to adorn your home. Welcome to The Wonder Emporio

Located down a narrow, cobbled lane called Bar Street, just off the main shopping street in Scarborough, The Wonder Emporio has been open for only four months. Approaching the store your eyes are drawn to the enormous vintage leather sofa parked outside (I forgot to ask how heavy this is to lug in and out everyday!) It must be the talk of the town.  The shop is run by Danny and Sarah,  and is home to vintage treasures alongside modern finds that fit with the design aesthetic. They are drawn to the natural world, so you will find beautiful taxidermy pieces sitting with handmade cards of botany and butterflies, baskets of skulls and antlers, stuffed birds in glass domes, jars of peacock feathers and even pigeons atop bowler hats. 

Although the store is small, it packs a lot in and each area is beautifully styled to reflect the products they source.  In some ways it feels a little like stepping into a Tim Burton movie or you've wandered into one of those shops on Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter novels - dolls with big eyes, a nod to the freak show icons - the Tattooed Lady and Gent wrapping papers (which would make great wall posters), old fashioned clockwork toys and parlour games. 

Vintage medical equipment and old chemist jars are talking points with one even holding a small snake in formaldehyde. There is also a nod to Steampunk, with mannequins and statues modelling costumes and goggles from the genre.  But the thing that I loved most about The Wonder Emporio is its sense of humour - you can tell that Danny has fun playing with his stock and showing his customers a different way of looking at a vintage treasure. 

There are plans to expand into the basement next year and increase their range of products, mostly in the form of Danny's leather furniture restoration business (that sofa outside the shop is one of his pieces). And I can only imagine the fun they are going to have decorating and styling the store for the Christmas period. I'll have to head back for that! 

The Wonder Emporio is a fantastic alternative to the usual tourist and gift shops in Scarborough. It's easy to find yourself falling for it's charms and great to chat to owners who are passionate about what they do. I  always love finding out the history of a vintage piece and Danny knows where every one of his items comes from and the story behind it. This is a store about fun and to find something just that little bit different to take home from the seaside. Do go visit it if you are heading to the coast soon. 

You can follow their adventures on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Or visit in person at 24 Bar Street, Scarborough. 

And I just wanted to mention the fantastic coffee shop we went to - Greensmith and Thackwray. A gorgeous rustic interior + a piece of salted caramel millionaire shortbread to die for + a lovely flat white = cafe heaven.

Scarborough - you officially rock. 

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