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Rose and Grey Styling Challenge - Autumn

Hello! I was excited to be asked once more by the gorgeous online store Rose and Grey to take part in their Styling Challenge. Their site is one of my favourite places to peruse, stuffed full of modern vintage furniture, unique finds and some truly wonderful quirky pieces. I always end up with a bit of a wishlist - this year I really love that Desert Cactus Vase and that beautiful Square Hanging Mirror - swoon. 

The theme of this Styling Challenge was Autumn. Like many, it's my favourite season -  the inevitable return to cozy knits, blankets, drinking hot chocolate and consuming gallons of soup. But really it's what's happening outside our home that makes me think of Autumn in all it's glory. The light, the colours, the changes to our natural world. And this is what I wanted to reflect for my Styling Challenge. 

I was very kindly sent three zinc picture frames, one large and two small. I chose the landscape ones as I love these frames and already own several portrait sized ones. They are brilliant for when you want to change your artwork, with one simple 'bolt' like catch to close them. I also like the fact they are fair-trade and each is strung with a piece of vintage sari. A really nice little detail. 

So although Autumn is a season full of colour - yellows, rusts, golds and vivid reds, it was the more muted tones that I wanted to bring into my styling post. These shades are somewhat overlooked in their beauty, but to me are as lovely as those of the leaves on trees. And there is nothing more pretty this season than those dried heads of cow parsley. I brought several home, pressed them between two sheets of baking parchment and then left them under a pile of heavy books for a couple of days. I think they look amazing like this and chose to use two different sized ones for the larger of my zinc frames. 

Rose and Grey did send me three frames, though I only chose to use two, one small and the large. I already had one of my own smaller portrait size on the wall with a watercolour by Charlotte Bronte in it and I preferred the arrangement of the different sizes and shapes centring around my cross stitch ampersand. 

For the second small frame, I chose to use one of my postcards by a favourite artist, printmaker Angie Lewin. Her work always reflects the natural world and the changing of the seasons. These colours remind me of those last days of summer, moving towards Autumn. 

The frames have been teamed with some recent vintage finds - a set of rustic keys from Blackbird Vintage here in Leeds and the French butter spoon (a birthday present)  from &hobbs. I love how it all sits together above my sofa, a happy little corner of my home. 

Thanks to Rose and Grey who kindly invited me to be a Style Ambassador and for gifting me three frames.